Simple Yet Beautiful Wedding
Films Captured Discreetly


We have been filming weddings for a very long time. They can be challenging and stressful to film – all the more reason to choose a professional with the necessary experience. You can’t be in more than one place at a time and your wedding day will pass in such a blur that you won’t be able to take everything in. Through your video you will be able to relive the day again and again, even seeing things that were happening while you were somewhere else.

There is no chance of repeating things once they have happened. We understand that not everybody enjoys having a camera pointing at them, so we film as discreetly as possible. The ultimate compliment we can receive is to hear that people didn’t notice us filming. This is the way it should be, leaving you and your guests to enjoy your wedding day to the full. We will dress smartly to blend in with the guests and film what happens rather than asking people to perform for the camera.

For the ultimate in discreet coverage, one cameraman can manage good coverage of what goes on, but this can be at the expense of detailed ‘beauty shots’. One cameraman can only be in one place at a time, so for the best coverage, we recommend more than one camera operator.

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    "What can I say? What a wonderful DVD. Thanks for all your hard work. Can I order 3 copies?"

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    "Ben did a fantastic job on our wedding video. He blended in with all our guests and it felt like he was part of the party. I’d highly recommend him."

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    "He focused on not just the important bits but noticed the small details and moments that we hadn’t even noticed ourselves… watching it really was like reliving the day."